Layer plot color in detail with worksession

Hi to all,

we use rhinoceros for structural drawings. We do use references a lot. Therefore, we need to
work with worksession and plot drawings with references. Normally, we change the layout plot color of the particular layer and objects on that layer are plotted in that color (layout plot color and detail plot color has changed together).

However, on one file if we change layout plot color detail color does not change but other does. Do I miss something (file variable etc.) or there is an error? Anyone has same problem?

Thanks for your reply.


Hi Ondřej -
I see that we have a few reports on the list involving worksessions and layer colors but I’m not sure if you are reporting the same.

Regardless of referenced files, changing the Layout print color does not change a Detail print color.

Could you provide a 3dm file and step-by-step instructions to reproduce this?

Regardless of referenced files, changing the Layout print color does not change a Detail print color.

Ok, but in referenced file we cannot change the detail print color. Rhino refuses this command. Only way we saw, is to change layout plot color. This, move changed also detail print color.

General problem is that .rws does not remember layers setting when opens. Even layers state manager does not work in that way.

Therefore, we already created a command which saves .txt with the layers settings in particular .rws file and another that restore that settings from .txt. However, we discovered that on some referenced file only some layers are restored properly. Others behave differently.

It is hard to provide any 3dm file.


Hi -

That is correct, yes.

That part, I’m not following. You can’t change the layout print color of a layer in a referenced file.
But anyway…

Yes, that’s basically the issue that you are running into - this enhancement request is on the list as RH-64963 and I have added this thread in the comments.

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I will share you a short video with the change layout plot color and it influence to the detail plot color in the references.

Second problem is that SetPerViewportPlotColor method from rhinocommon works only on part of the layers? Honestly, I do not know why. Some of the layers are normally modified some of them not. Even the code in VS tells me that layer color was modified accordingly.