I am experimenting with worksessions for large projects with many simultaneous users. I have worksessioned a model into another file and created layouts and details to see the referenced model. This new model (let’s call it the view model) is basically title blocks on layouts and details of the worksessioned model. However, within the view model’s details I am prevented from changing the layer print colors of the worksessioned model. I get a dialog stating “Cannot change viewport print color of referenced layers.” THIS IS AN ENORMOUS LIMITATION. Apparently it does not allow adjusting a DETAIL’s print color for layers from a worksessioned model. Since the detail is not present in the referenced source model, the only place it would be possible to change the detail colors is in the view model, but it doesn’t allow that. How do I change the detail colors associated with a worksessioned model?

This is not how multi user breakdown is supposed to work.

You are using the “master model” to create a layout in a different file, of course you cannot change the master model while you’re in a “slave” model (to use DS wording :D).

I can’t speak for McNeel what they have intended but my understanding of a breakdown for multi-user workflow is: split your “master” model into separate models. Such small chunks that they have their own “drawings” layouts, so you don’t have to touch the model someone else is working on.

I can’t say more without seing the model.

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As far as I know, you can’t…