Layer oddities

Rhino 6, windows 10.
I have a new laptop, and new windows 10, and this is my first project in this world. I have been a Rhino user for 20 years.
The screen shot show the results of “empty layers” filter. when I selected one of the layers to delete, it tells me there are objects that will be deleted??? how can it be empty and occupied??
Also at the bottom of the list are some new layers I did not create and continue to show up and i cant seem to delete. They are the layer name > the layer name. In this case 2 x 8>2 x 8. Where do they come from and how can I remove or consolidate them to a real layer??

Hi Bob – there are child layers with objects even if that layer itself has no objects.


I have no clue how I got child layers, can you point me to a tutorial so i can understand what is happening and how to correct it? Thanks

Hello - if you have layers with sub-layers, you have that situation, where the parent, top level layer may be empty. Your layers with the ‘>’ symbol have one or more nested, or child layers:


How do I get rid of the children.
Its adding a level of confusion i dont need or want.
And how did they get created in the first place?

Hi Bob - it looks to me like you have inserted files as blocks, is that correct?



Blocks, you say? :slight_smile:

Are we not having the same issue here?

it sure sounds like the same dilemma too me. Thanks!

Did Pascal’s tip help in your case?

I’m still stuck with my layer in my document, and don’t know how to get rid of it.

I haven’t tried it yet, but like you, I will live with it and mostly ignore it.

I tend to re-use old files that are similar in design as the new one, but I can see this practice is a thing of the past. Maybe Rhino will fix it or at least explain how it happens and how to work within the nested layers.