Command line looses focus

I notices when I installed Rhino 8 the following happens where the command line looses focus when you are selecting an objects and layers in different orders. So I did an experiment today with the latest service release, 8.6.24086.11001 (it happened before this update BTW) when you do the following:

In my case, I made 5 layers to play with. I made a couple of objects on a layer or two, it doesn’t matter which layer their on either. I started the process of moving one of those objects. I first picked a layer (the default was originally selected) and then one of the objects. Then typed “m”, the command line responded. I did not move my cursor in the command line when I typed in the command, just saying. I could move the object. Now if I select another object and then change the layer, and then type “m”, nothing happens. I have to click in the command line to reengage the command. It works this way every time! Now if I go back and pick the layer first then the object, then type “m” the command line accepts the command.

As a side note, if you right click anywhere in the viewport, the last command does show up and is executed in the command line which I believe it’s supposed to do.
I don’t recall 7 doing this but there were times when it did. In any case, if this were to be fixed, that would be great!


same / similar issue described here:

@CreativeType this is logged as RH-79961 Layer rename and focus