Layer Dialog box - Layout Settings Background...?

What exactly does this option (in V7 & V8) actually do?
I take it to mean it changes the layer dialog background color, but it doesn’t.
Or has it something to do with the layout background - no, it doesn’t seem to do anything here either (although I never use layouts, so perhaps its doing something I am not seeing by just making a new layout page…?)

Anyway, its confusingly named whatever it does; why would something headed “Layer Dialog Box” have anything to do with Layouts…??

(What I’d like to do is change the background color of the layers list…?)


Hi Rabbit - you get to set the background color for the layout part of the layers dialog -


Oh - ok; I don’t use layouts so that’s why I didn’t clock that…

So where may I set the actual background of the main part of the layers dialog…?
I guess in “advanced”, but it’s just like a cardboard box where all the tax receipts are chucked in at random - not somewhere I want to go…