Change Layer dialog background color

I’m looking to change the background color of the Layer dialog and other dialog boxes (circled) but cannot find where or how I do this. I’ve searched everywhere on here and tried all the settings currently set to black or dark gray in Options>Appearance, Options>Colors and Options>Advanced but came up blank.

I’m using a custom Gray theme and want the dialog background to be a lighter gray, but it’s fixed on black. I thought it might be the main Windows theme but it’s the same in light or dark mode.

Any help much appreciated.

Hi Simon -
That’s the Rhino.Options.UiPaintColors.EditBoxBackground setting in the advanced options.

Had some issues working it out but got a handle on it now. Thanks.

Why doesn’t it work in V8
Even after restarting Rhino it does not change


Because “Rhino.Options.UiPaintColors.xxxx” options are no longer used in Rhino 8.

How can I change the color, please? I searched and did not find anything, or I did not search well :grin:

In Rhino 8, the Rhino.UI.ThemeSettings.xxxxx options are used to paint the UI. I don’t know which one of those will set the background of the Layers panel.


I found it, thanks