V7 Layer Paned display controls

Is there a way to control the color of the Layer panel selected layers background in V7?
Also, control the color of the row lines between layers? In V6 these were very faint, almost invisible, in V7 much more prominent, I’d like to make them more faint if possible:

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Hi Jarek - I do not see anything that looks very promising for either of these so far.


Hi Pascal,
In V4(!) we had this in Appearance settings:

I was hoping with so many more UI color tweaks Layer panel ones would be there, somewhere. This is quite prominent I am not loving the V7 Layer panels look :grimacing:

In V6 and V7 somehow it became this:

never use Layouts so did not even pay attention to this but wondering if this is even intentional to have Layout settings background under “Layer dialog box” category in the Appearance > Colors…

and there seems to be another control for Layout bkg:

Hi @Pascal,

After digging a bit more, I discovered that in V7 these two colors are controlled by these general color settings:

My “Layer rows separator” lines were reading dark since somehow the border setting was using non-default color, must have been using the V6 xml setting file I copied over to V7 when migrating. The default value looks OK and is faint enough not to be distracting.

As for the selected layer color, looks like now it is linked to many other UI elements to it is not possible to customize it separately like it used to be. It al least makes the Appearance “Layer Dialog Box” setting color obsolete, it probably should be removed or restored ability to custom-set the Layer selection color.

thanks for looking into it