Autodesk Plant 3D - DWG Properties as in Navisworks

Hi all,

I am doing some research in new features in Rhino 7 WIP, specially with Rhino Inside for Revit. My aim is to generate native geometry and data from Grasshopper from Autodesk Plant 3D DWG models, and enrich them with extra data that Navisworks does not include in the model.

The issue is, that I need a key to relate the objects in Plant 3D through Grasshopper. At this moment, when I import DWG from Plan 3D, it comes some few properties (attach), that would be enough to include as strings for relating extra data.

Is there any place in Rhino/Grasshopper I may access to this data for ecah of the objects? I have seen the GUID, but I think Rhino generates its own GUID, but is not the same as in Plant 3D…

Thank you for your help.

The dwg doesn’t come into Rhino with any key/value properties. Block Name and Layer are about all you get.

Thank you very much @Rickson. I will try to do some research if I can do any other way around…