Layer Control in Layouts & Thumbnail Update



Yes, I fully agree with that! Layer visibility should be completely separated between model and layout states.

Seems like they are considering the change, as you can see here

(Be) #24

First off, I would also love to have the ability to work with global/model layers and layout layers independently. That would ease the process when having multiple plan-drawings with lots of info on top of each other, and wanting to sift through different layers in the layout.

Second, I have a problem concerning the “Layout and detail information”. My detail view in layouts is constantly showing all layers, even when disabling different layers in the “layout and detail information” tab. The only action that effects the look of the layout is when i toggle the layer where the detail view is located - then the detail view disappears. But I am unable to change the visibility of the different layers from the “Layout and detail information” tab. Any ideas?

I hope this makes sense.


(Be) #25

Ah, I just realised that you need to have the detail view active for the “layout and detail information” layers to have any effect.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


I’m sorry with who don’t think so, but to me don’t have the possibility to hidden layers in model space independently from the layout space is merely an idiot thing. It means a lot more work. I think it is a background from the “Microsoft window style”: if you can do one thing with one click… do it with ten clicks. That’s my opinion. Roy