Layer attributes (color and material) from one rhino file to another

Hello. I have several files with the same, or with very similar layers. In one of these files (let’s call it FILE A) I have the layers set up with the correct display colors and rendering material (default rhino render material with different colors in the diffuse channel). I would like for all my files to change their respective layer colors and materials so they match the ones in FILE A.

Is there any way of doing this? I have to update A LOT of files and don’t want to do it manually.
Thank you!

Hi Juan -

In plain Rhino, when you import something into a file, the attributes of the file that is being imported into win over those of what is being imported. This means that, to achieve what you need, you’d need to delete all geometry in “FILE A”, and save this with a new name (e.g. “Template A”). You’d then use this file as a template for creating a new file and import the file you need to change.

It’s possible this is scriptable - changing this thread to the Scripting category…

Thank you @wim
I read your reply right after you posted but forgot to reply back. This works for me, importing the files is fast enough that I can do it manually… Adjusting each layer property manually was the biggest concern.

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