Lay down for production

Hello everyone, I’m interior architect and new to using the program.I designed a panel for factory and I have to put it down to put it into production.But ı cant Can u help me?

*My eng. not good if ı make a mistake sorry for that.

Thanks have a good days

I try this commands unroll,smash,create uv curveFactory-Panel.stp (84.1 KB)

if you can share the file that would be best, but even a screenshot, can also be abstract or a sketch of the structure would help.

unroll, smash, squish and create uv curve are being used, but it is difficult to say without anything to judge

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ı share the file, sorry :frowning:

not sure where the problem is, it is not a difficult shape to unroll since it is only bent into one direction and not a doubly curved surface, UnrollSrf works pretty well.

thanks <3