Lattice structure for shoes

Here some render of lattices for shoes.

Disclamer : I am not a shoe designer. I don’t think open lattice are good for shoes … But i was a good exercise to answer this question

To do that I reuse a model of feet that was on this forum.
The I remesh it using the Quad remesher form Rhino 7 WIP

I used this clean mesh to extract the insole, here I used my Mesh Iso Splitting Script with a single angle.

This mesh is quad remeshed in order to get the quads pattern that will be used for the lattice

This upper part of the insole is extruded with a variable thickness depending on X

These 2 quad meshes are used by Pufferfish plugin to make the boxes

Lattice from Intralattice is morphed in Pufferfish boxes

For rendering I used my own Mesh Pipe has classical Mesh Pipe (form PufferFish) are not fast as the output one mesh per curve.

These meshes are not usable except for rendering. To thicken the mesh use Dendro and/or fattener (338.1 KB)


at least the mesh is useful for future tests

You need Rhino V7 !!! for Quad Remesh



however this message appears


This is really great stuff. Quad remesh makes all the difference. You could also try using the minimal surfaces in the mesh+ plugin for the cell structures. Could make some really interesting lattice structures. :slight_smile:

@vikthor the message is due to the fact that I used Rich Graph Mapper from Daniel González Abalde

It had some nice possibilities to legacy Graph Mapper

@Andrew_Schiffer thanks for the advice, for sure Mesh+ adds some very nice lattice (406.5 KB)

HI @laurent_delrieu do you have any solution to use the MESH+ if we are using Rhino on Mac ???

It should work fine on Mac. They are user objects, make sure they go into the user objects folder.

Hi @Michael_Pryor thanks I Try it. it’s working.
Many thanks

Hi Laurent Delrieu

There was a problem reading the file, is it a problem with my rhino version?

Read the discussion. If you don’t find answers, copy the messages in red component and provide the information on your rhinoceros

Hi Laurent Delrieu

Thanks for your quick reply
I checked the error message as follows: (Chinese)
I am using rhino 6.0, is this the problem?


Yes you need rhino 7 wip or rhino 7 beta

hello my feriends i want [
General Lattice Studio for rhino 6

Kind of like this?

tank you friend