Lattice structure for shoe sole body

Hi All, I am a student and new to grasshopper, I need some help related to creating uniform lattice structure inside shoe sole which could be further used in ANSYS. I have been watching videos and trying to experiment but couldn’t succeed much. Can someone provide the approach to achieve below shapes or anything similar fill closed solid shape.
Below is what i could make using intralattice plugins

Any help would be appreciated.

The image you posted is from Kevin Dechamps (always good to cite sources of reference images). He used Pufferfish for it, along with his own custom built node generator for the meshing (just read his Instagram posts)

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I have recently enjoyed an introduction to Crystallon which are a set of lattice tools.


Kevin DECHAMPS Instagram

You could also look at examples done with Intrallatice.It is a good tools for the pattern

For the volume look at Dendro

And for the base quads you could use Quadremesher from Rhino WIP

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I wanted to test the advice I gave you and yes it is doable.
Quadremesher to make a quad mesh of the planar sole
Then make deform this sole to make the upper and lower
Then Pufferfish for the “twisted box through mesh”
Box morph
Then Intralattice for the lattice.
Then Dendro for the solid then something I don’t know for Ansys.


thanks, Michael
I saw the kevin Dechamps work on Instagram and will try exploring pufferfish.

Thanks, @laurent_delrieu for the steps. I don’t have much knowledge about using these tools and so will start exploring more about them and try creating designs.

There are many parameters so it is a good thing to explore. There are also others tools that could be used … Many possibilities. If you have a problem you 'll find help on this forum but it is good you follow advices given here

Want to make a 3d printed sole (Product design thesis) in rhino. Can somebody please resolve the grasshopper code for me? I am somehow not bale to get it although the basic concept here is 3d lattice. PFA of grasshopper and rhino file.Shoe lattice 3d option 1.3dm (1.3 MB)Shoe lattice (23.5 KB)

Can you upload the grasshopper file for this? Would love to refer it for my thesis

Hello you seem desperate !!! Three same posts …

There are many examples on this site, did you look at them ? If you are doing a thesis it is sure good you manage to do it alone. Viewing your script I understand you are a beginner, we all are or were. There are tons of example so better advice is search, read, try, do, redo … If a thesis is just using people work without understanding what is the point ?
See my post it could help,

If you have technical question don’t hesitate, but try to follow these advices

Good luck