Latest V6WIP doesn't save (!)

Hi, I imported a STL file and then I can’t get to save it in 3dm format nor export it.
version: rhino_en-us_6.0.15160.8491

It’s just me?

This is working here in a slightly newer build of the WIP. Does it happen with all stl files or just one in particular?

Hi Brian,
Actually I’m still on the v5 because the reliability.
I was trying the latest wip6 because the stl file is very heavy. Took 1 hour to open! (170mb)
I didn’t do any other check. I used wip6 for other small drawing and everything was working right.
I’ll take a deeper look on it in the next days and I let you know if there’s problem.

Something wrong there. It’s certainly possible to have a 170 Mb STL, but it shouldn’t take an hour to open. I just created a 165 Mb STL file here and it opened in about 35 seconds in the latest WIP. I suspect something is wrong with your STL.


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For sure it is, it was made in 3Dmax!
Yeah, but I can’t share the file because is from client.

My stl has more than 100000 (yes 100 thousand) objects stored inside, maybe this could be the problem.
Many objects are open or non manifold and they are not touching each other. (a real mess).


Have you tried the Mesh repair tools on the meshes? The mesh repair wizard can be slow with this many objects so I’d probably try a command at a time like UnifyMeshNormals or RebuildMesh. I might run NgonulateMesh and ReduceMesh too.