STL import/export not working in the latest WIP

I tried both and neither works. Doing a search I see mention of that for the Mac version in 2015. Is it a known issue in the WIP, or an oversight?




I just drew a box, ran SaveAs, and made an STL file.
Is your plug-in loaded?

Enabled but not loaded. If it’s checked, shouldn’t it be loaded?


I took my screenshot after exporting so that’s why mine is loaded.
They are “demand” loaded as needed to save time.
If you right-mouse click on it and choose the Load option, does that work?
If it fails, can you drill down on the details it should show you?

No, that doesn’t work. Here are the details:



Let’s look at the RHP file details itself in the Windows file Explorer.

I’m running an in-house build from this morning so mine looks like this:

Is the date on yours the same as the other files in the folder?

Yes, its the same as the rest, but 1 day behind yours:

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Sent one back to you.

It will be interesting to see if your STL export keeps working after next week’s WIP.

I’ll be sure to check.