WiP won't read point clouds

Not sure if it is my problem only, since no one has reported it yet.
Same file that opens in V5 is empty in WiP.

@tim might be able to help if you can post the file.

Oh Gosh! It’s hundreds of megabytes.I can load it via V5. Just wondered if it’s a WiP bug or trouble is on my side.
I have the point cloud saved as txt or pts. V5 load it fine while WiP performs long loading procedure and then nothing appears on the screen.
Another problems is poor performance of the point cloud in WiP (opened in V5, saved as 3dm and then reopened in WiP). Rotating is acceptable but paning and zooming is a real drama.

Now I’m confused. I thought you weren’t able to load the point cloud file. Is the loading problem specific to one file?

What is also puzzling is that point clouds in general should be much faster in V6, not slower.

Hi Piotr - it seems the points are there but not visible, maybe, when opening directly in V6? What happens if you hit Ctrl-A, does the command line report any selection? Do any other display modes show the points?


Step by step:

  1. Can’t load point cloud to WiP
  2. Load point txt point cloud in V5.
  3. Save point cloud as 3dm file.
  4. Open 3dm file in WiP.

@ Pascal.
When point cloud loaded directly in WiP then Ctrl+A reads ‘nothing to select’.

Thanks for reporting the problem. You can upload big files here: https://www.rhino3d.com/upload - we’d be happy to look at it.

If you can reproduce the problem with smaller files, we’d be happy to have those, too.

I just opened a 30 million point color point cloud - 800Mb - with the latest WIP (15 March), no problem.


Hi Mitch
What point cloud extension file you’ve been opening?

3dm. I created the point cloud in Rhino 5, saved it as a 3dm, then opened it in the WIP. --Mitch

This is exactly what I have done to load the point cloud into WiP. I am asking why direct load is not working in WiP.

Hi Piotr- the file you uploaded behaves the same way here, so far… indeed no points are imported. Thanks for that, still poking…



Oh, OK, I thought from your description above that the problem was opening a 3dm file with a point cloud. I just tried a 58 million point file in .pts format and it opened fine in the latest WIP here.


I’m sharing 3 screen using 3 languages at the same time. Sometimes I confuse myself with my writings. Sorry for the unclear description
What was your cloud format you’ve managed to load in WiP?


Interesting. When I was trying to use pts format all the data came flattened on Y axis, while xyz or txt loaded correctly. I’m not sure if it was an exporter or reader failure. I use CloudCompare (nice freeware) to edit clouds.

Maybe try to open the pts file in a text editor and see if the Y data is really correct? The point cloud I have did not come from CloudCompare, but I can see if I have something here from that as well.


This bug is fixed. There were 5 numbers per line in the file and V6 was not expecting that. See the YouTrack issue for a little more detail.