Latest Grasshopper tutorials

Hello everyone
I thought i’ll add our latest grasshopper tutorials here so if anyone is interested can watch the videos.
We had two videos this week and another one will be added today

Surface box tutorial

Paneling tools (cellulate tutorial)

Watch the video tutorial:

In this Lunchbox grasshopper tutorial, I will show you how you can make complete diamond panels on a closed NURBS surface. First, we will use the lunchbox plugin to produce the panels and then we fix the triangle panels by combining them into diamonds and finally combine them back together.

Download the example file from

This is the first video in the “Parametric Modeling & Design” series.

In this video, we will have a quick review of the Arboskin Project. First, we will talk about how the project has been made and look at some details. Then we will talk about a simple Grasshopper algorithm and how you can model the pyramid and slice it with a rotating plane.

Watch the full video at

You can download the images, related websites and the grasshopper example from this link👇

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Maybe link to a non-pirated version:

Grasshopper basics, by Chiu-Shui Chan, 2021-5-18:

extensive Grasshopper tutorial, by Delft University of Technology: Grasshopper - TOI-Pedia
(Click pictures to display them in high resolution.)

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Grasshopper playlist (6 videos):