N L GRASSHOPPER essential course tutorials in Arabic ( FREE )

“ NAD LAB GRASSHOPPER Essential course in arabic “

Link to download Rhinoceros 6

Youtube channel :

1st Session
“ Intro to GRASSHOPPER & parametric design ”
Content ( intro to grasshopper & parametric design, parameters, component, input data, preview, enable, curve, divide curve, data matching ( longest list, shortest list, cross reference

2nd Session
Content ( series, range, move, rotate, scale, application ‘ absolute towers ‘ by MAD architects, list item, cull pattern, graph mapper )

3rd Session
Content (data tree, param viewer, flatten, graft, flip matrix, list item, list length, application ‘stadium’)

4th Session
Content (Attractors concept, Define surface, IsoTrim, Attractor point, Attractor curve, Remap numbers, Pull point, Architectural example " Serpentine Gallery Pavilion " by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG).)

5th Session
Content (Line SDL, Vector 2 points, Evaluate curve, Evaluate surface, Divide surface, Surface Normals, Rotate 3D, Graph mapper, Architectural example: breathing skin Thematic Pavilion (SOMA Architecture))

6th Session
“ Surfaces & Paneling “
Content ( Surfaces & Paneling, Loft, Sweep1, Sweep2, Boundary Surfaces, Edge Surface, 4point Surface, Pipe, Surface form Points, Image Sampler, Architectural Application : " SAHMRI - South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute " by Woods Bagot.)

7th Session
“ Intersection operation & contouring “
Content: ( Region Union, Region Intersection, Region Difference, Solid Union, Solid Intersection, Soild Difference, Trim With Region, Surface Split, Intersection Breb Breb, Contour, Breb Frames, Application : Parametric Ceiling & Waffle Forms )


Thank you for making this content available for free @nadlabofficial, but it might be a good idea to get a legal version of Rhino for your next set of videos before you publicly post more evidence of cracked licensing.


since we are in bitch mode here already.

pls dont take that the wrong way, i think its great that you post free tutorials with whatever cracked or not. but advertising with english titles, while having the tutorial language in arabic will disappoint a lot of people. i dont mind learning another language and yes arabic sounds nice but it is not very helpful besides for a handful of people coming here and speaking it. then at least title them arabic that things are clear right away.

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How did u know that he’s using cracked version