Bongo 3 makes VfR5 crash at Rhino 7


I would like to render animations of Bongo 3 per VfR5 in Rhino 7 but if Bongo 3 and VfR5 are together activated at the plugin list than Rhino crashs. The Chaosgroup team says that Bongo 3 isn’t released and so it will not be fixed from this side. Is there a chance to get a fix from the Bongo side? I would like to use Bongo 3 more often if it would work with my favorite render engine. :wink:


I did attempt to fix this from the Bongo side but I didn’t find a solution. Even if I did resolve the crash, it wouldn’t have made VRay work as a renderer. This is because VRay has to integrate with Bongo in order work correctly, and that integration would no longer be there.

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Thank you for consider it.

This seems like a pretty cavalier attitude and an easy copout. On the other hand unless Chaosgroup doesn’t intend to ever work with Bongo 3 in the future I would think they’d be delighted to get an early handle on this by working with @Joshua_Kennedy to get past the crash. I’d think they would value whatever input they get from users testing with Bongo 3 once they can actually do some.

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It’s a bit more complicated than that. Much of the issue comes from Bongo hosting an SDK which they have to work with. While I’m working on Bongo 3 I change and extend Bongos SDK. They can’t make real changes and fixes while I’m doing that. Every time they make some progress I’m likely to pull out the rug out from under them. When things stabilize you’re likely to see some more progress on this front.

OK, so I learn Cycles. I’m curious what will be possible and what not. A first nice surprise - I can animate the alpha of materials and blend in/out materials. :slight_smile:

Post back here with some examples if you can! It’d be cool to see what you come up with.

It will be an advertisement movie and so my hope is I can fully show it here. :slight_smile: