Last IRIS update is a .RHI plugin: not automatically installing on Rhino 6 and 7 WIP?

The latest version of IRIS I downloaded, to update the existing one on my Rhino 6 and 7WIP installations on Windows 7 64, seems to be a wrong version of the plugin: while Rhino 6 and 7 require a .RHP plugin extension, the one available to downloada at F4R is a .RHI plugin. Infact it installs automatically and correctly, but ONLY on my old Rhino 5 installation, not on Rhino 6 and 7WIP ones.

When I tried to install it from inside Rhino 6, the interface don’t even let me choose a .RHI plugin, giving me the possibility only to install .RHP or .DLL types of file.

I was able, after a long searching, to find a workaround on this page:

It gave me the possibility of installing it by the use of command line and thus accessing the Rhino plugin installer from outside rhinoceros: that way I succeded, but seemed to me a quite strange behaviour.

So what I ask to the community is: was it me, my Rhino installation, or there’s something wrong with this last IRIS release?

Many thanks in advance to who could drop a line about it.


You can install via the package manager (_PackageManager command in Rhino 7 or _TestPackageManager in Rhino 6). Just tested a clean install and Iris loads and exports models.

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I did not know about this command: will give it a try.
(meanwhile I was able to install with another trick)

Thank you!


On a fresh install of Rhino 6 for Mac today, I went to install Iris and although the package manager shows 0.6.6 installed, the Iris options are not available in the export menu as I have seen them on other macs running rhino 6.

Any idea what might cause this? I haven’t found instructions for installing the .yak file from foodforrhino manually without the package manager, so at the moment I’m a bit stuck. Any guidance appreciated!

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I ended up copying (manually) the Mac RH5 rhp file manually from a prior install. The yak file currently on foodforrhino (12/11/20) includes only Windows rhp’s, and although the package manager reports success it appears Iris doesn’t actually work – no exporter items in the menu.

I’m set for now, but hoping the foodforrhino yak file can be updated with mac versions of the plugin?


I agree, it doesn’t seem to be working on Mac. I don’t have Rhino 5 installed so I am unable to use the workaround.