Last digit flipped in point list

Hi, i was trying to connect the inner points with the outer points, but somehow, the last digits are flipped. This way the line is connected to the wrong points. How do i fix this?

Extract surface (340.7 KB)

i think as a rule anything that has to do with union/split/intersect/difference etc cannot be relied upon for any ordering - since your points are generated by a split with brep, you can’t assume even ordering.

so use a geometric method to order the list yourself. in this case, comparing the y values of the points should give you the correct ordering.

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Hey, i’ve used a way around to avoid the problem, but now i accured again, but i dont know how to compare the values and sort the list by myself. Could’nt find a solution online, maybe you can help?

Sure, if you upload the gh file

Here, i’ve interalised the data in a small file (2.4 KB)


so simple, Thank you!

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