Looking for a way to change the order of points

Hi, so I’m super stoked about Grasshopper at the moment and have been making some really cool artworks with it so far.

I’m always trying to learn more about how to make an idea work, and I started wondering how I could change the sorting of a list in a specific way. This question is not related to anything practical, it’s more of an exercise. It’s not a project that needs to be finished.

What I want to do is order the list of points in my file in a circular path instead of a linear path coming from the center.

This image illustrates the idea in green lines:

Here is a screenshot of the GH file, it uses Bifocals and Paneling tools for the polar grid:

It’s probably simple and I’m missing something. I went online to find out how I could do this but I simply do not know the correct term. Tried messing around with lists, indexes, series, etc, but couldn’t work it out. Been reading around ten topics, but nothing that gave an answer.

I turned the grid points into ten chunks of 9 items. Each 1st value should somehow be put in a list of 10 items, and then all of the 2nd items, and then all the 3rd and so on.

The Cull Pattern was used to get rid of the point at the zero point that the polar grid also creates.

Enclosed you’ll also find the GH file.
playing_with_points.gh (12.3 KB)

I hope to learn from this, and this question is mostly formed by curiosity.
Thanks for being there to help relatively new people like me out :slight_smile:

Did you try Flip matrix

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Sounds like maybe a Flip Matrix issue? No need for Cull.

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Indeed, that did the trick, my result looks different from yours. I set periodic to true and my circles look much more round at the side there both ends meet.

You can also use radial grid

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Hi Joseph, I assumed these two plugins were so common that I did not have to internalize the data. I’m sorry. What’s a good way to handle the plug in problem next time? Internalize the data or would there be a better way?

Indeed flip matrix seems to have fixed it, however, now I can’t use fit line :slight_smile: