Laser cutting - why orient method dosn't work

I read this topic: Project curves or surfaces to XY plane for Laser Cut?
I used this deffinition for laser cutting.
It dosn’t work. Could someone tell me why? Where is my mistake?

Thanks you for help! (17.5 KB)

Hey have a look at this: (28.4 KB)

it didn’t work mainly because of two things:

  • you need some kind of logic in picking the right faces of your breps to orient on the xy plane (i sorted them by area and picked the biggest one, there are other solutions though)

  • the second reason is the definition you used didn’t check for the actual source plane of the face you want to project

This could be further simplified because you really only have two different pieces of geometry you only would need to copy so no need for area or plane checking but if your geometry is less symmetric the approach used here would be more robust.

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Now I understand.
That’s really help me.
Thanksyou really, really much! :slight_smile: