Re-orient solid geometry on xy plane

I have multiple hexagonal polygonal extrusions rotated at different angles.

I want to prepare them for laser cutting. I’m trying to orient them on xy plane but the trouble is that the orient component works only if I choose a one single surface instead of BREP.

What should I do so that all the hexagons are placed apart from each other on an XY plane?

How do I ensure that the orientation takes the hexagonal face as the plane of reference?

I actually simplified my problem by using simple geometry.

I am trying to re-orient rotated extruded volumes having curved parameter, on XY plane for fabrication. But I’m not able to put all those pieces at a distance apart on the plane. What should I do so that all these rotate geometry has their flat faces aligend with the xy plane in a parallel way so that I can sent the file for laser cutting fabrication?


MODEL 15 APRIL.3dm (9.6 MB)

I hope this help: (19.5 KB)


Here is one option. I have shown how to orient the parts to the XY, but didnt include the method you had for positioning along the Y axis. Instead I used a great plugin called OpenNest to do this in one operation. You can also use this plugin to nest your parts on to sheets.


BTW, I’m sure you are aware, but your parts intersect quite significantly when you look in plan.


Thanks a lot! Your definition is super awesome.

Thanks a lot for your efforts in making this definition.