Nesting. Orienting curves on a planar surface

It’s me again, trying to learn something new about grasshopper… and all is working well, until I get stuck. Luckily there is this group! :smiley:

I am following a tutorial on extracting sections from a lofted surface, the idea is that these sections would further be used for laser cutting and production. So here comes nesting. I have used the orient component to project these section curves onto it, but instead of having them oriented separately with a distance in between them (in this example I want them to be oriented along the Y axis), I get them overlapped together.

Who knows the trick?
(btw, on the bottom of my definition there is a lot of nonsense that you should ignore, just me playing around)

GA Exercise19 - digital modelling and laser (23.6 KB)

You have to rotate your plane in order to get them in the right direction. I also added something to match the list length for all inputs going into the orient component.

GA Exercise19 - digital modelling and laser cutting (30.0 KB)