Laser cut portrait

Hello Laurent,

I hadn’t considered this option so far, thanks for your tip.
Unfortunately, that doesn’t solve my problem with the different bridge widths. I think my solution comes very close, but I can’t solve the web width with it. Can you give me a tip for this?



I don’t understand your problem. You seems to know the 2 classical methods, offset and scale.
You can adjust each of these method with the curves length, area …

Hello Laurent,

Thank you very much!! Is actually logical.
When you sit over such a problem for so long, you sometimes lose track of things.
Sorry that I bothered you with this.
Got something good with me!


You are welcome, you have done very nice portraits.
You are lucky to have a laser cutter, I wait to have one near my home at the FabLab. But as the Fablab has no room, no Laser Cutter at the moment. I want to make puzzle so I’ll need to test cutting wood with pictures glued on a face (which paper, which glue …). So I’ll gave many test to make.

Hello Laurent,
would like to support you if you were around.
Maybe there is what I can do for you despite the distance.

You have to show me that with the puzzle, sounds interesting. I still have work to do on my portraits; Letolap’s have set the bar pretty high.

So if I can do something, I have a carpentry shop, if you need a tip or something else, just get in touch.
I’m not in the forum that often, so feel free to email me directly.


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