3D image to laser

need some help. I drew the attached image. I would like to cut this image on my laser cutter. To be able to cut it properly I would need a top view.
I am not so familiar with 3D drawings… If I look at the top view the image looks completely different which I understand why.
How do I take this image and convert it to a top perspective maintaining all of the 3D look?
Thank you

Hi, there is a command called Rotate. Try the 3D option. You can rotate it enough to get the look you want.—-Mark

Thanks for the help. I know how to rotate the image, the challenge for me is taking the perspective view and cutting it on the laser. The easiest way for me to prepare the image for laser cutting is from the Top perspective as it is a 2D image. what I am trying to accomplish in Rhino is keep the same look but view it from the top without changing the final result.


I guess you would start with Make2D.

As Jim told you, make 2d is the first choice.
If you need to reproduce the wood material, you’ll have to vectorize the image (with vectorize plugin or with another program).
Vectorize.ai (336.6 KB)

Make 2d with the view settings set to “view” and make sure your perspective view is the active viewport-

|do you need a vector or raster image to feed to your laser?

Perfecto :slight_smile: That is exactly what I needed!

The Make 2D is what I was looking for.
I export the image as an AI file into lightburn.

Thanks for taking the time to help me. Make 2D did the trick!

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