Laptop legion 5 pro 16

Hello, is it a good idea to by a Lenovo laptop legion 5 pro 16, AMD rayzen 7, 16 Go ddr5, Nvidia rtx 3070…
I search a good laptop for modeling in naval architecture, python programming, image working… Maybe video montage…
I don’t know if the difference between a 1400€ laptop or 1900€ laptop is really interesting…
Thank you for your time!!!

Difference is typically the video card, you will be fine with the slightly lower model.

the difference between the 3060 and the 3070 is 80€, it’s worth it, isn’t it? the question is that it’s AMD and not Intel, that it’s rtx and not quadro…

Hi @onlyforpeace
My 2 cents: Go for biggest/fastest Nvidia graphics card you can afford. Go for the gaming cards; the Quadro’s aren’t worth the cost. Intel or AMD is not that big of a deal in my eyes. Minor speed differences, but both work well. See if you can find something on sale.

I found on Lenovo site web a good price 1754€, but without windows , rhinocéros run only on Mac or Windows, the Linux version is not existing,is it?
I found a windows 10 at 9,03€ is it possible?


normally I would say no, but Fnac is a reputable store, so looks like a legit option.

If you note, this is again one of theses “marketplace” type of offers (like Amazon), it’s not actually the FNAC that is selling the license, it’s one of their marketplace vendors:

It looks like one of those companies that sell excess inventories of OEM licenses, there have been discussions about this here previously. I think all you get is the key.

Note you can get a Windows 11 Pro license key for only 1€79:

I have no idea how legitimate this practice is actually, but it seems to be tolerated. In any case, according to the web page, that vendor has over 35K sales and has a 4.68 out of 5 rating. Well, for 1.79, there’s not a lot of risk involved I guess. You do have to download and install Windows yourself, of course.

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Microsoft themselves hardly even care if you never activate Windows, not much point in paying for a probably not legit license.

Thank you!!!
I found another laptop a thinkbook 16p G2 same specs but with a 6gb video card for 250€ less… Do you think that this 2gb difference is a good or bad compromise?