Language packs, post-license installation etc

Coupla questions here -

Now that we (clients) have the ability to install the eval version and then just add a license key when they actually buy the software…

When you go to download the evals and even the full version downloads (what’s the difference now, anyway?), they are offered in only one language. However, sometimes a client wants to install more when they actually receive their definitive license. How can this be done most easily?

There are the quasi-hidden language packs… However, these are labeled as SR6 and we are on SR8… Are they still current? Is that the best way to go to add an additional language?

Somehow this needs to be made a bit clearer on the website as well - plus maybe a WIKI page on post-installing languages for V5? This page is out of date (Rhino 4).

Thanks, --Mitch

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Thanks Mitch for bringing this up.

@brian, is this something you can comment on?



There is no difference. In fact, if you click both links on the download page, you get to the same URL. There are two links on that download page because some people ask to download the eval, others the full commercial product, and having two links seems to have eliminated people asking questions about where to download :smile:

One of the tasks on my list is to update the language packs with each release and also make it easier for you to find them. The SR6 language packs are a bit out of date, but they’ll work fine even with SR8 (full disclosure, the translators would kill me for saying this because <100 strings in Rhino will display in English if you use the SR6 language packs with SR8).

Sorry this is still confusing and difficult to figure out.

I’ve installed SR10 in Polish. Now I need to add English (BTW @brian why isn’t it installed by default along with localization? Sorry if it has been already answered). Language pack is currently available only for SR9. I understand I can install it anyway but it will miss some new strings, right? Is there a better way I can go?

I’m not sure much has changed between 9 and 10 that would need translation… might be wrong, of course… --Mitch

Yes, changes in strings between sr9 and sr10 were relatively small. Nevertheless we need some straightforward solution for users that want to add language. I mean installing sr9 when you already have sr10 installed is not straightforward…