Downloading multilanguages

I am transferring a Rhino for Windows license to a new machine. I need to install Rhino in English, French and German. How do I do that in one download/install? I don’t see any way to get a multilanguage download via the download page.

Edit - OK, I see now that it downloaded and installed, that all the languages are there… So why is there a choice here on the web page? Seems confusing.

However something seems to be fairly wrong here - looks like the Help is only online, and there are no templates in any language - the Localization folder did not get installed.


Are you asking about V5 Mac, V5 Windows, or V6?

The category is Rhino for Windows, not Mac or Serengeti, so V5 for Windows…

Sorry. @brian will have to help with this one.
We’re off today.

Ahh, must be Labor Day… forgot. Have a nice day off! Cheers, --Mitch