Language is stuck in Italian from file received from Italy

See image, i just got a file from a colleague who uses Rhino but is from Italy. I have Rhino for Mac WIP and the language was set to ‘use MacOS’ i tried setting it to ‘English’ but thats no different

Did you Quit Rhino (Cmd+Q) and restart?
That is required for a language change.

No i didn’t but just tried that and swapped a couple of times between language MacOS and English and still no joy

Everything is in English it is just the viewport names

The names of views do not get automatically translated, so they will stay in the language they were originally created in (Italian) - if that’s what you are seeing. At least this is the behavior of the Rhino for Windows version. In Rhino for Windows, you can do a _4View command twice to reset all the viewports - which will also reset the viewport names to the current Rhino language - but I don’t think that’s available on Mac yet.

Alternatively, go into each view menu and choose “Set view”, you will see the view names in English, you can individually reset them that way…


You are correct, on Rhino for Mac there is no option to _4View

If I go into each view menu I can change the view but the name remains. So if i change the ‘Prospettica’ view to ‘Top’ the actual view changes but the name remains as ‘Prospettica’

Ouch… OK, don’t know why it works different that way… One drastic measure would be to make sure all layers are on and unlocked, nothing is hidden or locked, then do a cmd+A to select all and then cmd+V paste into a new blank file…


Yes, i think that is the only current solution.

Just flagging it up now a minor issue

I think the detail you’re missing is viewport names are just labels.
Top, Front, Right, and Perspective could just as easily be 1, 2, 3, and 4, or Curly, Moe, Larry, and Shemp.

Changing the projection of the viewport will not change it’s name.
You can right-click on the name, choose Viewport Properties, and rename them.