Language in the help panel

Hello, I use Rhino in English, but it’s more convenient to have help in my native language.

Currently, if I am in French, I can search for the term “Courbe” or “_Curve”, the result in these 2 cases is a Fr page.
But if I’m in English, I can only search for “Curve” and the result is in English.

In fact, and not just for the help panel, the “_” character can be used to switch between two different languages, even if the user interface is in English.

In all cases, have the possibility to define the search URL of the help panel and an alias table (EN → lang 2, “Curve” → “_Courbe”) to be useful

Think UX.

dear @kitjmv
if you use the online-help, you can just edit the url:
change en-us to fr-fr or vice versa:

(the links in this post won t work due to formating…)

Hello @Tom_P and thank you for the reply.

Yes, I am using the site.
There is a limit, you have to know the translation of the name of the command.
Sometimes I don’t know or I can’t deduce it. I therefore cannot find it in the online help.

Research such as:

    produces zero results.

The help panels in Rhino have additional functionality. The search bar converts name aliases.
It is therefore possible to do the search “_Curve” if the interface is not in English.

In my case, I have the Rhino interface in English, and I would like to read the documentation in another language.

with english interface - check what the buttons or menus write in the commandline
search for _curve at this page
it will guide you to
translate to

if you need a translation of all commands - there is an xml

you can reformat it by search and replace to get a .csv and import it into a spreadsheet

that s what i support for my students in german - englisch - englisch - german - but i do not have the french version installed

I actually use this in the opposite manner - I normally work in English, but I sometimes need to teach in French and German with the Rhino interface in that language. When I need to launch a command that has a localized command name that I can’t remember (or never learned), I type the command in English with the underscore to launch it, then I press F1. That gets me the online help in the language that Rhino is running in with the localized name of the command. Very handy (for me).

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Perfect ! Thanks to you two !
And thanks to @KelvinC for the FR offline help link.

I have found an alternative that works for me and seems to work well.

  • After installing the offline help
  • In %APPDATA%\Local\McNeel\Rhinoceros\7.0\Localization
  • I copied the fr-fr folder and renamed it to en-US

that’s all.
I can have the Rhino interface in English, run commands in English, shearch English names in the help panel. But get help in French.


Obviously, if you have to change the language often, it won’t be practical.

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