Help panel for Flow is in Spanish

I have no idea por que. My system is set to English. I checked a bunch of other commands, and the help panel is in English for them.

I am using Rhino for Mac Version 8 (8.1.23325.13002, 2023-11-21). Although my Rhino language is set to English, my Help Panel is in Spanish. This was not happening to me in Rhino 7, and only since I upgraded to Rhino 8.

If I change the Rhino language to another language and restart, the Help Panel reflects that change. For example, if the language is French, the Help Panel is French.

However, when I change it the language to English, the Help Panel is in Spanish.
Any suggestions on how to set the help panel back to English?


Supported - Same happening here too.

Thanks, all.
It looks like things are getting misdirected somewhere.
This issue is on the list as WWW-2250 Link opens in Spanish

Hi -
It looks like this is working as expected again.