Lands Terrain Height Error

When I create a terrain the topo lines read as the wrong elevation. The top of the terrain is near 85’ in world coordinates, but it reads as 135’. Is this a bug? See screencap.

Hi Andrew,
Can you check the elevation value on the Geolocation tab?

Lands Design shows the terrain contours elevation values taking into account the 3dm file geolocation. So, if the document’s coordinate origin is geolocated at a point on earth at, let’s say, 100 m elevation, these 100 meters are added to the world coordinates you see on the display. If you don’t like it, you can set “0” to the document geolocation elevation.

OK I see, thanks.

I am having this issue with the most recent build of Lands Design and I have adjusted the Elevation Geolocation value and it doesn’t seem to update the contours. Any thoughts?

Scratch that - I had to swap from 3d back to 2D to make my live elevation value update. Elevation value is still incorrect for the location. I am not sure if I am setting up my file correctly for this tool. I have had incorrect elevation marker issues for a year or so now and would love to see if there is a particular set of rules to make sure the values are accurate.

Hi Shane,
elevation values should be the result of adding to the z-value coordinate in Rhino the Elevation value in the Geolocation tab.

So, if your terrain is placed at, let’s say, 100 meters above the document’s coordinate origin, and the elevation in Geolocation tab is set to 500, the resulting elevation values for contours will take as base 600 m.

Understanding that, if you feel it is not working properly, can you send us a 3dm file so that we can figure out the problem? Send it to