Lands design without Flamingo nXT

I wanted to try lands design but I don’t want to use Flamingo nXT how does not using Flamingo nXT impact the usage of this product?

Never mind I see it’s still linked to flamingo and can only be used with that rendering program.

You can render lands design objects perfectly well in octane. Instances are actually instances too (and have negligable VRAM overhead).

I agree that the product pairing can be confusing; and I gues we’ll never know the answer to your functionality question until the licence system is tightened up … But you can definitely use it without ever interacting with flamingo.
I actually download it as land design only since I already have the latest rhino & octane installed…

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Lands Design does not require Flamingo nXt. We offer the possiblity to download them together for those users that don’t have any Renderer apart from Rhino but this does not mean that you need Flamingo in order to use Lands Design.

In fact, Lands Design lets you render nXt plants on any Rhino renderer: VRay, Maxwell, Flamingo (ofcourse) and even in realtime renderers like Neon… without needing Flamingo, since nXt core and plant generator are also included in Lands Design.

We don’t force the user to use any particular renderer to get realistic plants if he already have a preferred one. There is an installation package that only includes Lands Design. But cause we want to make it easy to get realistic renders, we let users download Lands and Flamingo altogether as a default choice, always optional. However, I’m afraid that the webpage is not very clear in this point.

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That is a great selling point! Thanks for clearing that up!

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