Lands Design Terrain Hard Seams


Is there a way to generate hard seams in a Lands Design Terrain (Eg. along curbs and walls)?

I generated a Terrain from my surveyor’s TIN Mesh but I’m getting some odd geometry along hard seams/creases in the mesh.

Surveyors TIN Mesh

Terrain 1’x1’ Smoothing and Simple parameters both off

TIN Mesh and Lands Design Terrain overlay

I built the terrain by extracting contours from the TIN Mesh then generated a point cloud from points extracted from the contours using a grasshopper script. The mesh is pretty good but I’m looking for something a little closer to the original TIN geometry. Any suggestions?

Hi @khiatt,
First of all, I’d suggest creating the terrain combining points and curves, if you already have them.

Hard seams are only available when you don’t use the “Gridded surface shaped to triangulation” option. If you use that method, then try to uncheck the option “use the grid to model holes and cut and fills” after you try to flatten that area on your project with the laTerrainAddCutAndFill command.

Also consider tagging that mesh as a terrain, if you don’t need to do any modification on the topography. This will make plants and other elements be projected on top of it. This option is available on the Edit are of Lands Edit Panel.

Hi @fsalla,

Thank you for the advice. After some more trial and error, I came to a similar conclusion. As you recommended, turning off “Gridded surface shaped to triangulation” gave me a sharper mesh along hard surfaces. I also used the Cut Fill command to clean up and flatten the existing concrete slab.

I get the impression that the grided surfaces work really well for either discrete soft surface areas at the small to medium scale (ie. individual plant beds, open lawn, etc.) and at the larger regional scale. In my case, though, I have a surveyor’s TIN that contains a mix of soft and hard elements. I’m glad there was a solution that gave me a manipulatable terrain without having to manually remodel areas. No matter how many contours and points I generated, there was a limit to how accurate the gridded method recreated the TIN mesh form. I will be using the model to study new curvilinear paths on the existing site, so having a manipulatable Lands Design terrain was important.

By the way, I love Lands Design! Great job.

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