Land Design

I have a question about land design and as I didn’t found a land design category I will post it here.
I have a topography mesh created from a survey package. It’s a triangulated mesh. Is there a way to translate that to land design topography so I will be able to create paths?
Thank you

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Hello, take a look at the following “tip & trick”:
Convert a mesh or a surface into a terrain - Lands Design

ok, thank you.
After a tried it, I should say that I like the plants part of the software.
But the terrain tools are not able to work smoothly in large terrains.
I try them on a park 700m * 400m and on every operation a should wait for 20 to 30 sec for the program to respond. I create the terrain with 30000 points so it seems not able to handle this amount of points well.
Also, the path tools are not able to handle intersections of roads, and roads with limits not exactly parallel to the centerline, which is situations that always exist in designs.
Anyway, thank you for your help.

Regarding the responding time, since Lands takes simple points as input data, and not the triangulation, it needs to triangulate them again at every reevaluation. Plus all operations you want to perform. It would be great that it stored the triangulation, but it would be only valid until you added extra input data.

You can avoid reevaluating the terrain at every change by disabling the checkbox at the bottom of the edit panel. This way you can modify several fields and press Apply to update the terrain when you decide: