Lands Design 5.6 released!

Hi all,
Lands Design 5.6 is now available for download .

Here are the main new features it includes:

  • Plant Database
    • 6000+ new species records
    • Enhanced database format
      • More consistent field values
      • New fields: Duration, Synonyms…
      • Multi language support
    • 40+ new 3D realistic files and 90+ replaced files with better versions
    • 40+ new 2D crown files
    • Smarter 2D crown and 3D realistic default file assignment based on species name, binomial and genus
    • Improved search filters
      • Enable/show only those values applicable to the current species list
      • Highlight active filters
      • Remove all filters at once
    • Now you can list Customized species and Added species, as well as species With picture
    • Species properties dialog
      • Realistic file assignment for groundcovers and topiaries
      • Elevation file assignment
      • Easier Picture assignment/removal
      • Edit fields in any language regardless the current Lands language
      • Next/previous navigation even in Edit mode. Rollback all changes if the user cancels
    • Option to restore the factory data of Customized species
    • Option to restore the whole database
    • Option to import a Plant Database file from other computers and/or from older versions
    • Export to CSV
  • Urban Furniture library
    • Categories reorganization
    • 70+ new blocks
      • Benches
      • Bins
      • Bollards
      • Fountains
      • Lighting
    • Improvements and fixes on existing blocks
  • Grasshopper components
    • Pipe object
    • Row object
    • Object Parameters support
  • IFC Support
    • Import/export IFC files
    • Import/export Lands Terrains as IfcSite
    • Export Lands objects that do not exist in IFC as IfcProxy
  • Japanese language
  • Compatible with VisualARQ 2.12

Happy Christmas!
Lands Design development team