Lands Design Release Candidate III

Hi all,
Lands Design “Release Candidate III” is now available for download .

This version feels very close to the commercial version, license will work in evaluation mode until May 13th. Before it expires, another RC or the commersial version will be published (which willl restart the evaluation period). Here are the main new features it includes:

  • New Logo.
  • New License System.
  • Chinese language.
  • More library blocks: fountains, people, stones…
  • More species in Plant Database.
  • Improvements and bug fixes.

Enjoy it!


can someone notify me if there is an update english languange. i wonder why it must have in chinese. i think the company is from canada.

Hi @trileobayu,

Lands Design is available in several languages, Engish included. Lands Design should use the same language as your Windows OS, as it is detected during the install process. You can change it inside Rhino Options > Lands Design.


thank you very much, Enric :grinning: :grinning:

Great job!

I would recommend to fall back to English if a certain entry is missing in the current i18n resource.

e.g. It’s the startup window, if my lang is Chinese.

Hi, Lands language should be selected based on:

  1. your choice in Lands options
  2. if your choice is same as Rhino, on Rhino language
  3. if it is not available in Lands, on Windows language
  4. if it is not available, English

Can you specify what is your option in Lands, and what is your Rhino and Windows language?

Also, during installation, the dialogs were shown in English or Spanish?

  • The language of my system and Rhino is both Simplified Chinese (zh-CN / lcid: 2052).
  • The language option is * Same as Rhinoceros. I also tried specifying it as Chinese, which resulted in the same behavior.
  • It seems some translations are missing in Chinese so that it falls back. For unknown reason the fallback is Spanish instead of English.
  • If I specify the Lands’ language option as English, everything is in English correctly.
  • During installation, the dialogs are in English.

Thanks for the detailed info!
I see, is just welcome/license dialogs that appear in spanish when chinese is selected, the rest of Lands user interface is shown in chinese, right?

No. Every text, except the menu, which doesn’t have a Chinese tranlsation is in Spanish. (The menu is in English)



I see what’s happening… Thanks for the feedback, we’ll fix it

@gankeyu You’ll find these strings in english in the new release

I also encountered “image is missing” error after opening a RC2 save file with RC3. Is that expected? It’s hard to figure out which block caused this.

Hi @gankeyu, try to do a Purge of the blocks and materials in that file, save it, and next time you open it you should not see that dialog.

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