Lands Design coordinate system?

Hi I’m new to Lands Design and am trying to use imported terrain and buildings data along with existing georeferenced models in Rhino, but the locations don’t match. I suppose they don’t use the same coordinate system, but I cannot find where to change this in Lands Design settings. The coordinate system used in the models we use is Lambert 72. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

Thanks in advance!


yes, it looks like your data has been projected -from spherical long-lat coords- to a different coordinate system in respect to the one used by Lands Design. I don’t have a simple solution. If you want, you cand send to a sample file with some of those models that use Lambert 72 and we’ll do some tries.

Does Lands use WGS84 coordinate system? If not, which?

Yes, at least it uses the same parameters than WGS. I’m not sure if it is 100% compliant with WGS84, but the Lands projected coordinates are much closer to WGS84 than to Lambert 72.

datum selection is an important detail to keep standards consistent. Can this be a feature addition…or at least transparency in coordinate system?

ping. can you provide more clarity on projected coordinates?