Import geolation data coordinate system?

Hi. If I use terrain, mesh or buildings from lands importer (using Mapbox option in my case) and other GIS layers I have from QGIS, they are located differently. The only option I can do is drag one to the others location. Is there a better-easy way to match the layers? My GIS files are using EPSG 25829 UTM29N


If after dragging the imported geometry it matches the geometry in other GIS layers, then I guess it is just a problem of location and not a problem of projection scale.

You can control the placement of the imported geometry in two steps:

  1. In Lands Design document properties, set the document geolocation (the earth coordinates of the Rhino document coordinate origin). This value is stored in the Rhino anchor point.


  1. In the Lands Earth Importer, don’t select the option to override the document geolocation with the imported map’s center.