Land Design for Rhino 7 released!

Hi all,
Lands Design 5.3 is now available for download.

Here are the main new features it includes:

  • Rhino 7/Inside support (version 7.0.20295.18003 (21/10/2020) or newer required)
  • Terrains:
    • Cut&fills, holes and paths can now produce sharp edges even when the gridded surface is used
    • Divisions are now highlighted in the viewport when they are selected on the Lands Edit Panel
    • Osnaps enabled for Vertex option instead of End
  • Plant Database:
    • Added australian species
    • Added 60+ realistic plant files
    • Better climate zones classification
  • Now you can edit the size of the Sprinkler symbol
  • Urban Furniture objects have now properties
  • Grasshopper components:
    • Lands Design Pipeline component
  • Minor UI improvements and bug fixes
  • Compatible with VisualARQ 2.9