Lands Design 5.5 released!

Hi all,
Lands Design 5.5 is now available for download.

Here are the main new features it includes:

  • Earth Terrain Importer
    • Import 3D buildings
    • Use Mapbox elevation data as alternative (at user choice) to JAXA elevation data
  • New Topiary object. You can:
    • Create it from a selected Species and an existing shape (surface, mesh…)
    • Modify its parameters (density, leaf scale, 2D display…)
    • Get it automatically listed in Plant Lists
    • Label it as with plants
    • Insert a Plant photo next to it…
  • Edit Panel selection tree
    • Species subnodes for Plant specimens, Groundcover specimens, Topiary specimens, Vertical Garden…
    • Multi select: now you can select multiple nodes
  • Plant Database
    • Added Flower color and Flower season to filters
    • Interactive Climate Map
  • Forests can now be created from surfaces, regions, hatches and zones in addition to curves
  • Objects of the wrong type are now ignored when user is prompted to select an object
  • API (WIP) for RhinoCommon developers (C# and Python)
  • Removed Lands Scheme when launching Rhino from the Lands Design desktop icon
  • Compatible with VisualARQ 2.11

Enjoy it!