Labelling After Nesting

I have a Planar Hexagon Mesh from there I have created flaps for planar hexagons after nesting, now i want to label the number the of hexagon on the flap so I can join two hexagons easily after laser cut, I am trying the other way with face boundaries creating triangle faces I’m getting 6 numbers for each hexagon, I want to only one hexagon as one face and then I want label the index of hexagon on the flap of adjacent hexagon, Could anyone help out with this, Thank You:)

Label (506.3 KB)

Don’t have this or see an obvious way to get it.


I have Changed it now.

Label (509.1 KB)

:question: :question: how are these numbers supposed to relete to each other :question: :question:


Hell Kevin,
I am looking for something like this Index of Hexagon Face on the flap of adjacent hexagon which makes easy to join them after laser cutting. Each Flap will have the index of adjacent hexagon.

I think your problem is very similar to this one from a few weeks ago, it might be of inspiration for a solution to your?

Thank You Inno,I’ll Check that

Can anyone help me out with this, Indexes are not matching (310.1 KB)

Could use some adjustment of the label placement, but this should get you started. (194.7 KB)


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Thank You Kevin…