Grasshopper labels (marking) n-gon panels

Hello Guys

I know that this topic was raised on the forum several times in different versions

I tried to solve the issue of creating labels (mark) for mesh and surfaces myself

In one of the variants, it is intended to use the node of the topology of breps.

but I get an error sometimes confusing marking adjacent panels! Can anyone come across a problem? Or maybe someone has a stable definition for this task?

label (23.2 KB)
label adjacent0.3dm (79.3 KB)

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Have a look at the attachment.

label (16.7 KB)


label (16.9 KB)

Another, more complex, solution.
I wanted to try to work only with topology indexes… without going coding…
To make it work I simplified the “Edge|Face Adjacency (EF)” tree by doing mass addition for each edge and combining it with FE and later subtracting the index of the face itself to obtain simultaneously the edge and the connected face indexes without using any geometric calculations.
(Indexes shifted by 1 as it wouldn’t work with zeros…)

Different method, more complex but maybe faster.



Rays of thanks guys, very helpful, thank you very much!