Knots, Control Points, Grips

  1. Are grips and control points the same?

  2. Is there a way to turn on knots so I can see them on a line temporarily, similar to the PointsOn command for control points? I know I can see them when using the RemoveKnot command.

  3. Is there anyway to move knots similarly to control points?

  4. When removing a knot between subcurves in a polycurve, when I click on it the curve moves. Then I have to click on it again. The curve will move again. Then when I click on the knot a 3rd time it finally disappears. Why doesn’t it disappear on the first click? If it cannot be removed on the first click then can a feature request be made to have the option in the command to completely remove it without having to click on it 3 times?

1 - No
2 - The InsertKnot command will display them
3 - Generally no, because of the unintuitive nature of directly moving knots. Moving Control points or Edit points are more intuitive.
4 - Yup. See the answer above.

This is a good place to start for getting your head around this subject:

This good too:

Then get more specific detail using the Glossary in the Help file:|_____7

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Knots can be ‘multiple’, piled on top one another. Degree number of knots = ‘fully multiple’ and creates a kink location.


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