Knot osnap and edit point

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to understand what is the knot osnap is for. I though that is was the edit point (not the control point). however knot osnap doesn’t always snap to the edit point and snap on the curve on a random place on the curve.
So are knot and edit point not the same? and if not how to display them?

Thanks in advance


Hi Paul - knots and edit points are not the same - currently the only way to see knot locations on a curve is with the InsertKnot and RemoveKnot commands. Some curves (single span) will only have knots at the ends.


this help?

And this Help:

Oh ok, so what is the knot osnap usually used for if you can’t visualise them?(just out of curiosity)

Hi Paul - it is certainly less commonly used, but if you, for example, split a curve exactly on a knot, then the resulting curves will be simpler and cleaner than if you miss by just a little.

e.g. cyan = knot locations


Ok i see, thanks for the explanation Pascal