Kinetic Facade on Entire Loft

Hello everyone,

I have a sample of a facade from a small loft. I was wondering if there was a way to move the pattern from my facade onto the entire loft of my tower without using plug-ins. I have a very complicated loft and nothing seems to be working. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks (72.1 KB)

This may be too simple for your situation, but it’s how I’ve managed to wrap a linear array around a curved surface for small objects like table lamps and vases.
The trick is to match the dimensions of the array to the size of the surface. To make this example I had to tweak the size of the hexagons out to the 4th decimal place. And for some reason I don’t understand I also had to rotate the entire array in degrees by a value with 5 significant digits.

I used the Pipe object simply to make it easy to see what the end result is.

The overlap at top & bottom results results from a mismatch in vertical size between the surface and the array. For me this is not a problem because I simply adjust the height of the surface - I have no specific height I have to meet. I reckon your situation is not like that. So that may mean my approach is no help for you. Or - maybe not. (21.0 KB)