Kickstarter project done in Rhino

(Jakob Normand) #1

Hi All

We are currently running a Kickstarter campaign for our beautiful and great sounding little speaker project called “db60”. All modelling - including all prototypes, the final ME on the plastic and the prepping of the wooden part for 5-axis CNC’ing - has been done entirely in Rhino. We’ve been working on the project - on and off - for a little under a year, and it’s our first time “owning” an entire project ourselves, as we usually work as consultants. It’s been an exciting project and we hope to see it realised.

Over the course of the project it’s been through some 5-6 different major iterations, not including all the hundreds of minor adjustments done along the way, and Rhino has been a key player all the way, even handling things we didn’t think possible - eg. the deformation of the complex front grill pattern, where @Willem (and his scripting abilities) was our hero and saviour. Thanks again for that!

Check out the project on Kickstarter

Kickstarter doesn’t allow renderings in the presentation, so most of what you see there is photos, but here’s a rendering of the two plastic versions, white and black. The white also comes with the wing made from solid, CNC milled ash, which looks kinda cool!

Cheers and have a great weekend :smile:

Regards, Jakob


Wow! Great idea and design! Congratulations :smiley:


(Willem Derks) #3

Cool project!
Thanks for sharing, (and I’m proud to have contributed a little bit to it.)
It was fun watching the video and kickstarter page, congratulations on the project.


(Margaret Becker) #4

Will this be available for the USA market with 120V power?

(Jakob Normand) #5

Hi @margaret

Thanks for your interest :smile:
It sure will! It’s actually mentioned in the specs., albeit not in so many words. I’ll better have the guy responsible for the KS-site update to make it clear, that we’ll be providing localized power supplies, so that plugs and current will fit! So thanks for the question and have a great weekend!

Regards, Jakob

(Margaret Becker) #6

Thanks. I didn’t want to back a product that I couldn’t actually use!

(Jakob Normand) #7

Thanks for your support @margaret! And we’ve added your “Will it work in my region?”-question (and the “Yes, it will!”-answer) to the FAQ.

Have a great weekend!