Keyboard Shortcut Feature Request

An important part of working in Rhino is using shortcuts. I think there are a couple of features that are currently overlooked. One could be helpful for binding shortcuts to the same keys. The most helpful would be double and triple-key press activation. An example would be double pressing “r” to rotate and triple pressing to rotate3d; or perhaps ctrl+ double press “r.” Double press “d” for distance, and triple press “d” for dim.

It would also be nice to unbind shift as a capitalization key and turn it into one with a similar modifier function as control. I never capitalize my words when typing in the command line, and having another key to activate a shortcut would be very helpful as, right now, you have to have ctrl somewhere in the shortcut. And, of course, the shift would retain its capitalization features when editing text and holding shift to pan in perspective. A similar thing for alt would also be very nice.

Another feature that would be good is the ability to execute certain commands without interrupting the current one. For example, if I’m in the middle of a command, maybe drawing a rectangle, and I want to turn off my snaps, instead of having to click on the disable button or hold alt down, I could press a shortcut to turn them off, and it wouldn’t interrupt or kick me out of the command (which it currently does). This would help turn on and off snaps, changing perspectives, and the like. Oddly, this is not an issue with turning on and off auto cplane (I don’t get kicked out of my command when I turn it on and off with my shortcut ctrl+q). I thought this might be because of the prefix on my shortcut, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Right now it appears that the keyboard shortcuts just simplify the task of writing in the command line. I’m unsure if these are already features, and I just haven’t found them, but please let me know if they are.

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Good ideas that are somewhat accomplished using aliases. In my regular workflow I use L for Line and LL for polyline. For repetitive sequence tasks I’ll often string several shortcuts together into one alias.

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Thanks for the tip. I think this will help with some of my shortcuts.